Vegetables (Cabbage, Onion, Water chestnut) 25.5%, Textured vegetable soy protein 21.3%, Chicken meat 16%, Wheat flour 12.7%, Water, Modified starch, Sugar, Soybean oil, Tapioca flour, Isolate soy protein, Chicken soup powder (Flavour enhancer (E631, E627)), Flavour enhancer (E621), Garlic, White pepper, Salt, Wheat gluten, Red chilli, Soy sauce (Soybean, Wheat), Dark soy sauce (Soybean, Wheat), Ginger, Humectant (E451)


Allergen Advice for allergens, see ingredients in bold and underlined print.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information.JPG

Storage & Thawing Information

Store Dinkum Dim Sims fully frozen below -18°C.  Once thawed, do not refreeze but store in a refrigerator and use within 24 hours. 

Cooking Instructions

Dinkum Dim Sims are easily prepared whether from frozen or thawed – here’s how:


Steam – 2 pieces/serve

If the Dinkum Dim Sims are thawed steam for 8-10 minutes.  If frozen steam for 19-20 minutes or until thoroughly heated throughout.  

(Steaming occurs at 100° C or 212° F, you should always test a small sample to ensure cooking has been consistent and complete).


Deep Fry – 2 pieces/serve

Thawed Dim Sims should be deep-fried at between 170° - 175°C (338° - 347°F) for 6-7 minutes.  From frozen a deep-fry of about 11-12 minutes is recommended, however, over-frying will change the taste and texture of the Dim Sim and should be avoided.


Microwave – 2 pieces/serve

Using a microwave-safe container, place thawed Dim Sims along with at least a teaspoon of cold water per serve and cook for approximately 1-1.10 minutes at 1100 watts. 

When cooking frozen Dim Sims in a microwave oven, add 1 teaspoon of water for each Dim Sim and allow 1.30 – 1.40 minutes cooking time.  Always stand cooked Dim Sims for 5 minutes at least before consuming.  

Caution: as ovens can vary from model to model, you should experiment and adjust the cooking time to suit your unit. 


Air Fry– 2 pieces/serve

Frozen Dim Sims can be cooked at 200° C (390° F) for approximately 9 minutes without adding oil.  Cook for around 5 minutes if thawed.  

As Air Fryer performances can vary, when using an Air Fryer, it is recommended to test cooking times first by experimentation until you are comfortable with the performance of your Air Fryer with your Dim Sims.

NB:  as Dinkum Dim Sims retain heat very well, always be cautious and test a small amount before consuming.

Happy Cooking and enjoy your delicious Dinkum Dim Sims!